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Branch Visit Appointment

Prefer to visit us? Let us help you to book an appointment so you wouldn’t need to wait when you visit us.


Please refer here for our latest branch operations during MCO/CMCO/RMCO.

Important note

In accordance with the current COVID-19 situation, to ensure appropriate crowd control, we will be limiting the number of visitors into our branches.

As much as possible, we urge that you use the available online channels to perform payments, servicing transactions and documents submission. If you absolutely need to visit our branch, please make an appointment, declare your health condition and recent travel history below at least 1 business day in advance. When your appointment is confirmed, please come to our branch on time.

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Remote Enrolment Option

To adapt to the new norm of virtual meetings and keep you safe, we introduce Remote Enrolment Option to you so you can connect with your Takaful Agent anytime via video or phone calls without the need to meet them physically anymore.
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