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No. Takaful is catered to all races and religion and individuals who are interested to invest for security and protection for their loved ones.

Takaful is based on the concept of mutual co-operation where participants mutually agree to help each other in times of need. A portion of the contributions paid by each participant is kept as Tabarru’ Fund (risk fund) and the pool of money in the fund will be used to pay for claims made by fellow participants. This is where the ‘helping each other’ concept comes in. In this case, a Takaful operator acts as the manager of the fund and not owner of the fund. Any excess in the risk fund will be distributed back to the eligible participants.

Whereas insurance policies are sold by the insurance company where the money is pooled in the risk fund owned by the insurance company and claims are paid from this fund. Policyholders of insurance plans do not share a pool of money to help other policyholders in need. An insurance policyholder takes up a plan with the insurance company to protect himself, his loved ones or his possessions only.

PruBSN is a joint venture between two financially strong and stable entities, Prudential plc (Prudential) of the United Kingdom and Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN). The joint venture was officially approved by Bank Negara Malaysia on the 8th of August 2006.

Our brand is our most important asset that allows us to recruit the most talented people to join our entity and also provide a platform that creates a positive image with the public. We take our brand image seriously and it is more than just our product excellence, but a measure of quality across all our actions.

SMILE is PruBSN’s philosophy when serving our customers.

  • Speed – We attend to matters with speed and accuracy.
  • Make it Happen – We ensure all matters are resolved with accountability.
  • Integrity – We deliver the promised and walk the talk.
  • Lively – We energise one another and create a positive environment.
  • Extra Mile – We go the extra mile beyond customer’s expectations.

Currently, there are 8 PruBSN branches nationwide. Find more details here.

Please contact our Customer Service Centre at +603 20537188 or drop an e-mail to

You can find out more information on lodging a complaint here.

You can sign up for a Takaful plan by visiting any of PruBSN or Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad branches located nationwide and the customer service representative will assign an agent to assist you with your purchase.

In order to sign up for a plan, you will need to identify your protection and investment needs and financial appetite. You can contact our Customer Service Centre at +603 20537188 to assist you with your queries and arrange for one of our agents to speak to you to help determine your specific needs including basic coverage, benefits and decide on a suitable amount to be set aside for your contributions.

An investment-linked plan is a plan that combines investment and protection into the plan. The contributions that you pay provide coverage not only for your protection needs, but will also be invested in Shariah compliant investment funds that will grow your investment portfolio.

Customers may choose from any of the following Shariah-approved Takafulink fund to suit your investment needs and risk-tolerance:

Fund Name

Fund Objective

Takafulink Dana Bond

Provides medium to long-term accumulation of capital by investing in selected Islamic Private Debt Securities (IPDS) and Islamic Financing Facilities (IFF).

Takafulink Dana Urus

This fund is an actively managed fund that seeks to maximise returns over medium to long-term and this is achieved by investing in Shariah-approved shares, IPDS and IFF through Takafulink Dana Ekuiti and Takafulink Dana Bon and in any other Takafulink funds that may become available in the future.

Takafulink Dana Ekuiti

This fund aims to maximise returns over medium to long-term by investing in high quality Shariah-approved shared listed on Bursa Malaysia.

Takafulink Dana Ekuiti Dinasti

Provides long-term capital appreciation by investing in Shariah-compliant investments with exposure to the Greater China Region.

Should you need further information, please speak to our Customer Service representative at +603 20537188 to connect you to our agents.

You can obtain general information through various channels as below:

  1. Contact our customer service representative at +603 20537188
  2. Send an email to us at
  3. Visit our nearest branch.
  4. Visit our website at and you can obtain information relating to products here.

You can pay your certificate contribution through the following options:

  • Cash/ Cheque at any PruBSN or PAMB branches
  • Credit Card/ Debit Card
  • Auto Debit
  • e-Perbankan

More details can be found here.

If you wish for your Takaful coverage to continue in the event you stop making contributions to the plan, it is important for you to provide your consent to deduct Tabarru’, service charge and risk management charge for optional benefits (if any) and supplementary benefits (if any) from your account. Without this consent the optional benefits and/or any supplementary benefits you have chosen will cease even if there are sufficient units in your respective accounts. A Takaful plan is a long-term commitment and you should pay your contributions regularly to ensure continuity of your coverage.

Payment can be made through various payment channel as shown below: 

  • Cash/Cheque at any PruBSN or Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad branches
  • BSN counters & ATM
  • Lockbox at Prudential branches (For cheque dropping. Not applicable for single contribution top up)
  • Credit Card Auto Debit
  • Bank Account Auto Debit
  • Online Banking

Please provide information below at the back of the cheque:

  • Certificate number
  • Breakdown of contribution amount for each certificate where payment is for more than one
  • Payee: Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad

If you decide to purchase a Takaful plan, the Family Takaful Contribution Statement (FTCS) will allow you to qualify for individual tax relief of up to RM6,000 a year. We will be issuing FTCS on a yearly basis in March. This statement will show all the contributions made in the previous year for your declaration purpose to the Inland Revenue Board.

Contact your servicing agent or speak to our Customer Service representative to obtain the required form(s) such as below: 

  • Claim forms
  • Claim checklist
  • Original itemised bills
  • Original receipts
  • Medical report/ discharge summary
  • Medical certificate

Complete the required form(s) accurately and ensure all the relevant documents are completed.

Obtain complete medical report from your medical doctor (if any).

Submit completed form(s) with supportive documents to your servicing agent or to any PruBSN or Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad branches.

The above information serves as a general guide only. More details on this can be found in the ‘How To Claim’ section on our website.

Should you have further enquiries on the above, please speak to your agent or call our Customer  Service Centre at +603 20537188 or e-mail to

Please notify your servicing agents or visit our nearest branch office or contact our Customer Service Centre at +603 20537188 for further assistance. It is vital to notify us of any change in correspondence address and other contact details so that we can keep you informed of any important announcements.

You need to submit a Statutory Declaration for Loss of Certificate Document and pay RM30 in respect to reissuance administration charges. The Statutory Declaration must be stamped to the value of RM10 at the Stamping Office and to be signed by Justice of the Peace, Notary Public or any other officer empowered by law to administer oaths affirmations or affidavits. You may obtain the Statutory Declaration form from your servicing agents or visit our nearest branch office or contact our Customer Service Centre at +603 20537188.

Call to Pay

‘Call to Pay’ is a new service offered for our customers to make contribution payment over the phone by calling our Customer Service Centre at 03-20537188.

This service is offered for participants/ certificate owners that use Mastercard/ Visa debit card and credit card issued in Malaysia.

The ‘Call to Pay’ service includes payment of outstanding contribution and enrolment for future auto-payment facility.

Yes, you may. Please download the Credit/Debit Card Service Enrolment Form here and e-mail the completed form to

Please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Call our Customer Service Centre at 03-20537188
Step 2: Select language (Press 1 – English, Press 2 – Bahasa Malaysia)
Step 3: Press 1 for Customer and key in IC number
Step 4: Press 0 to speak to our Customer Service Representative
Step 5: Press 1 for Payment


* Customer Service Operating Hours: Monday - Friday, 8.30am – 5.15pm (excluding Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday)

Yes, an SMS notification will be sent to you within 2 working days from the transaction date to inform of your payment status.

Surplus Sharing

As a participant of our takaful plan, your contribution is retained in your participant investment account where a portion of the contribution will be deducted and pooled into the Tabarru' (or Donation) Fund for the purpose of mutual aid and assistance among fellow Participants. The Surplus arising is the excess in the Tabarru' Fund after deducting all claims payable and reserves. On the other hand, there will be no distributable Surplus if there is no excess in the fund after deducting all claims payable and reserves.

Investment Profit earned by the Tabarru' Fund will also contribute to the distribution to participants. Depending on when your certificate was issued, certificates issued before 5 September 2011 will receive Investment Profit separately to the Surplus mentioned above. Certificates issued from 5 September 2011 onwards will have their Investment Profit combined with the distributable Surplus determination above. This distinction is the result of a change in regulatory requirements.

The distributable Surplus available (if any) will be shared equally between you and PruBSN. Investment profit will be shared according to the proportion specified in your certificate document between you and PruBSN. Distributable Surplus and Investment Profit declared are subject to approval by PruBSN Shariah Committee and Board of Directors.

You will be considered for Surplus distribution (if any) on an annual basis, provided that your certificate is in-force on the 31st December of that financial year.

Your share of the distributable Surplus will be dependent on the amount of Tabarru' that you contributed. However, any claims paid during that financial year would directly reduce the distributable Surplus of the fund. Therefore, your share of the distributable Surplus will be reduced/removed due to any claims paid in that financial year.

If the sum of claims paid or payable to you does not exceed the Tabarru' amount paid in that financial year, you are eligible to receive the distributable Surplus.

The Surplus (if any) will be distributed after approval by the PruBSN Shariah Committee and Board of Directors.

For in-force certificates, the distributable Surplus will be paid into the participant's investment account. The distributable Surplus to all eligible certificates is disclosed in the following year's Annual Financial Statement to the certificate holders.

Certificate that is terminated prior to payment date will receive the distributable Surplus through the appropriate payment channels to the last known address/bank details if the distributable Surplus amount is more than RM10. Distributable Surplus less than RM10 will be paid to charitable organisation(s) managed by PruBSN's charity arm, PruBSN Prihatin, and subject to approval by PruBSN Shariah Committee.


  1. PruBSN E-Credit is a facility that credit payment from PruBSN to the customers bank account.
  2. The E-Credit facility is catered to PruBSN Customers with a certificate and for claims pay-out to the assignee, claimant and nominee.
  3. This facility is currently available for claim payments amounting to RM 3,000 and below.
  4. We will review expanding the scope of this facility from time to time.
  • You can sign-up for the E-Credit facility when:

    • when you are filing a claim by completing the E-Credit section on the claim form by stating your full name and your bank account information correctly.
    • when you signed up your Family Takaful certificate with us, by providing the back account information on the E-Credit section on the proposal form

  • Please ensure that you read and understand the terms & conditions of this E-Credit facility, By signing up for this facility, you are deemed to agree to the terms and conditions of this facility.

No there are no pre-requisites to sign up for the E-Credit facility.

Yes, you will be notified through SMS/e-mail once the monies has been credited into your bank account. Please ensure your contact number and email address is up to date with us.

You can update your bank account information by completing the E-Credit section in the claim form when filing for a claim.

E-Credit is a hassle free and efficient way for you to receive the claims payment in a secured environment.

As of now there is no charges imposed for this E-Credit facility.

PruBSN reserves the right to release payment by cheque in the event of:

  1. Insufficient/invalid/incorrect information being provided in the proposal form or claim form,
  2. Payment being made to joint Payees (e.g. joint administrators or joint executors), and/or
  3. Failure of the transfer to the beneficiary bank may be due the following reasons though this list is not exhaustive:. invalid/incomplete bank account number, your account may be closed or inactive, unmatched identification number, or you may not not be the primary bank account holder.

You are only required to apply for this facility once. The banking information that you have provided to us at the time when you file a claim or at the time you signed up for the certificate, this information will be used for future claims transactions that meet the criteria for E-Credit for the same certificate. However we do encourage you to provide us with your recent bank account information when you file in your claim.

You can contact our Customer Service representative at +603 20537188 or e-mail to

Debit Card

Following the mandate by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM), all debit cards must have been changed to the new PIN & PAY debit card effective from 1 January 2017.

In ensuring a continued contribution payment/deduction and debit card services, the following actions are required from our customers:

  • Change existing debit card to the new PIN & PAY debit card from the respective card-issuing bank.
  • Select and inform the bank of “Opt-in” to provide consent to the card-issuing bank to continue with their debit card services.
  • Increase transaction limit as advised by their respective card-issuing banks.
  • Fill the Credit Card Service Enrolment Form and provide us the new debit card number for deductions. 

Please read the full details in FAQ below.

PIN & PAY card is a PIN-enabled card that allows you to make purchases and payment electronically. Implementation of PIN & PAY debit card is an industry-wide initiative mandated by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) to replace signature cards with PIN (Personal Identification Number) cards.

A PIN is a secured digit code that is either assigned or selected by card members to prove they are the rightful owner of the debit card.

PIN & PAY debit card is an industry-wide initiative mandated by BNM for which, implementation is applicable all debit card users. The existing debit card does not fulfill the technical requirements to support the PIN facility, which is a technology that allows you make electronic transactions with greater confidence and security.

You must activate your card according to the instructions that are provided with your new debit card. If you have registered your mobile phone with the bank, you will receive a temporary PIN number via SMS. You must then change the temporary PIN number to your personal PIN number.

Your existing card will be deactivated 90 days after your new PIN & PAY debit card is issued (this may vary according to the banks). Please activate and use your PIN & PAY debit card once you receive it to avoid any interrupted service. Please note that beginning 1 January 2017, all old debit cards will be discontinued.

Yes. Please submit to PruBSN the new PIN & PAY debit card number(s) by completing the Credit Card Service Enrolment Form available here and TakafulNET (

Most banks are already in the process of changing the existing Debit Cards to the new PIN & PAY cards.

Opt-in refers to the cardholder providing his/her consent to his/her respective bank to accept auto billing transaction services using debit card. These transactions are also known as Card Not Present (CNP) or MOTO (Mail Order/Telephone Order); whereby the cardholder cannot physically present the card to PruBSN for deduction.

The method may differ according to the card-issuing bank. You may refer to the links provided in the listing below for information on some of the major banks. We highly recommend for the customer to check directly with their bank for full details.

Disclaimer:  PruBSN accepts no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the information found in the links below. All information was correct at the time of extraction from the respective banks' official websites.

Affin Bank

Alliance Bank

Bank Islam

Bank Simpanan Nasional



Public Bank



If the cardholder does not opt-in, deduction for contribution payment will be rejected even if the previous deductions were successful prior to the new ruling. Similar to existing process, if the deduction is unsuccessful, an SMS notification will be delivered to the customer and agent. In such case, please advise your customer to utilise other methods of payment while arranging for their debit card to be opted in.

Please download the form here. For PruBSN agents, you may also download the form from our agents portal, TakafulNET. 

Deduction of contribution may be unsuccessful and could lead to discontinuation of the certificate.

Credit card users are not currently impacted by this exercise and no further action is required from them.

Please refer to the instructions by the respective card-issuing banks (see item 9).

The new debit card will have the “My Debit” logo on the card.

Please refer to the instructions by the respective card-issuing banks (see item 9).

Please contact Customer Service Centre at +603 20537188 or e-mail to


PruBSN E-Certificate is a secured digital version of your certificate document made available only to you via PruBSN touch, the new PruBSN customer portal. It will list out the coverage and benefit details as well as the terms and conditions of your PruBSN Takaful plan.

PruBSN E-Certificate is built for your convenience to download or print whenever you need a copy. All you need to do is login to PruBSN touch. Importantly, we are protecting the environment and creating sustainability by reducing paper consumption.

Your PruBSN E-Certificate is protected with your personal PruBSN touch login and password. The PDF format of your E-Certificate is secure, non-editable and password protected. Please ensure your password is well secured to prevent unauthorised viewing of your E-Certificate.

PruBSN E-Certificate is a free value-added service for all of our customers who have opted to receive the E-Certificate.

You have 15 days to review the E-Certificate and get back to us should you have any issues or concerns. Please reach out to your Takaful Consultant or speak to our Customer Service representative at +603 20537188 or e-mail to

First Contribution Acknowledgement

First contribution acknowledgement and accidental death cover clause.

First Contribution refers to your deposit payment or initial contribution to PruBSN upon submission of your proposal form when you subscribe to our Takaful plan.

When PruBSN receives your deposit/first contribution, you will be covered by the accidental death benefit which is equivalent to sum covered up to a maximum of RM 500,000 within 90 days from the date of payment receipt. The benefit will be payable provided that your proposal is accepted by PruBSN in standard rates. If your payment is made by cheque, the cheque must be honored before the coverage will be in-force.

The accidental death coverage is temporary and will end once PruBSN accepts or declines your proposal, or if your first contribution payment is refunded before 90 days from the date of receipt.

If you have received the claim payment from utilisation of your accidental death benefit, your deposit/first contribution amount will not be refunded.

Please contact PruBSN Customer Service at 03-2053 7188 or e-mail to should you need any help.

Implementation of Sales and Service Tax (SST)


With the implementation of Sales and Service Tax (SST) effective 1st September 2018, please be advised of the following:

ParticipantService tax rate applicable
  • Individual
  • Registered education institution
  • Registered religious organisation

Not subject to service tax

  • Business organisations
    (Example: Keyman certificates, group business)

6% service tax on actual contribution paid

Please read the full details in FAQ below.


The Ministry of Finance (MoF) announced that Sales and Service Tax (SST) which administered by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD) will come into effect in Malaysia on 1 September 2018. Service tax is imposed on specific prescribed services provided by a taxable person in the course or furtherance of a business in Malaysia. More info about SST can be found at In PruBSN, only Service Tax (ST) will be imposed on the contribution amount of all types of Takaful certificates where the participant is a corporate entity.

Service Tax (ST) is chargeable on the contribution amount of all types of certificates where the participant is a corporate entity excluding registered education organization and registered religious organization. Details as per table below:


ParticipantService tax rate applicable
  • Individual
  • Registered education institution
  • Registered religious organisation

Not subject to service tax

  • Business organisations
    (Example: Keyman certificates, group business)

6% service tax on actual contribution paid


The applicable ST rate is 6% on top of actual contribution paid.

Yes, there will be additional 6% ST on top of the contribution amount for all the corporate certificates impacted by ST.

Example, if the monthly contribution of keyman/group business certificate is RM100, the amount to be paid effective 1 September 2018 will be RM106.

Yes, PruBSN will send a notification letter to all customers to inform about the applicability of ST in contribution to the affected corporate certificates (additional 6% on top of the contribution amount) in month of September 2018.

The individual certificates will not be affected. For all advanced payment made (during the tax holiday) for the corporate certificate span over 1 September 2018 is chargeable for 6% ST. All corporate certificates are required to pay ST for contribution paid after 1 September 2018. However, PruBSN is absorbing the service tax imposed on advance payment made prior to 1 September 2018.

Yes, ST will be applied when you make payment on/after 1 September. However, 6% GST will still be applied for outstanding contributions prior to 1 June 2018.

Example: Certificate incepted: 1 Jan 2018 Certificate contribution is outstanding from month April 2018 up to August 2018 Monthly contribution is RM100/-

Contribution due from 1 April till 31 May - subject to 6% GST = RM200
Contribution due from 1 June till 31 August – subject to 0% GST =RM300
Contribution due on/after 1 September 2018 – subject to 6% ST =RM100 + 6%

Therefore, for this example you have to pay for total amount of RM606 in month of September 2018. However, PruBSN is absorbing the service tax imposed on payment made in month of September 2018.

PruBSN will refund the sum of ST that have been deducted, if you decide not to continue with the certificate and cancel the certificate within fifteen (15) days from the date of delivery of the certificate.

No, the ST is not applicable to individual certificate as the individual is still the owner of the certificate.

Yes, the invoice is made available upon request. You may call us at 03-20537188 or email us at to request for a copy.

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