A Message from PruBSN CEO

Dear Customers,

Understandably, the outbreak of COVID-19 presented great challenges and a sense of unease for businesses and families around the world. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and families of all those affected, as well as the health and essential frontliners battling this pandemic.

We would like to assure you that as a company we are resilient. Over the course of 14 years, we have seen many challenges and we are convinced that we will overcome this one too. Through the combined efforts of everyone in the company, we will ensure your health, protection and savings needs continue to be served and we will be with you every step of the way.

Takaful services are classified as essential. As an agile organisation, we are well positioned to adapt the way we operate to current situations and establish convenient measures to support our employees, customers and stakeholders.

We have implemented a number of relief measures for our customers and communities as seen below. Whether in small or big ways, we hope these support measures will help ease your financial pressures during this period.

We will continue to closely monitor the changing situation and keep you updated here and across our communication channels online.

Please continue to look after yourselves and your families and stay positive. I am optimistic we will come through this as a stronger and more united community, so long as we continue to work together, share together and supporting one another.

Wan Saifulrizal Wan Ismail
Chief Executive Officer
Prudential BSN Takaful

Continuity of Services

As a takaful operator, our services are classified as essential. We remain open for business and are here to assist with your takaful needs whenever you may need us.
To keep everyone safe, we encourage you to use our digital services for your certificate servicing and payment needs.

Online Payment for
Family Takaful Contribution

Customers who used to make payments at our branch offices may now use the following online channels, which are safe and easy:

Claim Submission

You may submit e-claims through your PruBSN Takaful Consultant or e-mail the completed claim form with all relevant supporting documents to dmc@prubsn.com.my. For additional requirements you may refer to any pending information required from the Company via PruBSN Touch. (This is only applicable to pending cases and NOT new claims submission).

Service Request Submission

You may either seek assistance from your PruBSN Takaful Consultant to help you with e-submission, or download various servicing request forms from our Corporate Website. Simply complete the form and e-mail it to dmc@prubsn.com.my 

IMPORTANT: To safeguard our customers’ interest and ensuring authenticity of the requests, we will only be accepting forms received from the e-mail address that you have registered with us. To avoid any unnecessary delay, please update your contact details, including email address via PruBSN Touch.

Certificate Payout & Refund

We will be making due payout/refund via online bank transfers as we cease cheque issuance during the MCO period. Please register your bank account details with us by following these simple steps:

i. Login to PruBSN Touch

ii. Select menu Certificate > Certificate Listing > E-Credit Facility > Register/Edit E-Credit Information.

Certificate Related Communications

Servicing letters will be sent out in phases and please expect some delay during the MCO period.

Access to Certificate Information

You may also access your certificate information, make simple self-service transactions and even make contribution payment online via PruBSN Touch

Remote Enrolment Option

Our Takaful Consultants remain available to help you with your coverage or claims needs. We have launched a new remote enrolment and advisory solution to enable you to speak to a Takaful Consultant from the comfort of your own home.

Contact Us

Special Novel Coronavirus Coverage

Our WE DO spirit means that we’re always committed to providing the best protection for our customers. That’s why we’re offering a Special Novel Coronavirus Coverage with a lump-sum payout of RM5,000 to PruBSN customers diagnosed with Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) by any of the hospitals identified by the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

Learn More

Relief for Customers
Contribution Deferment

This relief program allows certificate holders financially affected by COVID-19 or the MCO to apply for a grace period of three (3) months to pay their contribution. During this period, their takaful certificate will remain in-force. 

1. What is this deferment of contribution payment under this Relief Program?

This Relief Program is to give the eligible certificate holders a deferment period of 3 months to pay the contribution for their takaful certificate. During this deferment period, we will continue to provide takaful protection. This is NOT an automatic contribution deferment program. Therefore, certificate holders must approach the takaful operator to apply for this Relief.

2. Who are entitled for this Relief Program?

This Relief Program is open to all in-force PruBSN certificate holders who are financially affected by the COVID-19 or MCO. This includes certificate holders who are quarantined at home or suffering from loss of income from work or business due to MCO and slowing down of economy during the pandemic.

3. When is the effective date for this Relief Program?

This Relief Program will take effect from 1 April 2020 until 31 December 2020 (both dates inclusive). The deferment of contribution, if approved by PruBSN, will be up to a maximum of 3 months from the date of approval. 

For example:

  • Contribution Payment Deferment Application submitted in May 2020.

  • Contribution Payment Deferment Application approved and commences on 1 June 2020.

  • Deferment period ends on 31 August 2020.
4. How do I apply?

PruBSN certificate holders may submit their application by sending the following documents to customer@prubsn.com.my with the e-mail subject title:


  1. Doctor’s Letter confirming of COVID-19 infection (if certificate holder is infected),

  2. Employer's Letter of Salary Salary Reduction/Termination Letter, or

  3. Letter of Closure of non-essential businesses by Business Owners, or

  4. Other relevant proofs or documents, if any (example: hawker center closure notice).

IMPORTANT: To safeguard our customers' interest and ensuring authenticity of the requests, PruBSN will only accept application received from the e-mail address that you have registered with us. Please update your contact details via PruBSN Touch.

5. Things to know about the deferment of contribution payment.
  • This is not a waiver of contribution.

  • There is no administrative charges imposed for takaful certificate throughout the deferment period.

  • If your application is approved, your certificate coverage will remain in-force during the deferment period.

  • For investment-linked certificate, monthly Tabarru` deductions will continue to be deducted.

  • Once the deferment period ends, the certificate holder’s obligation to pay contribution resumes. Please refer to the takaful certificate to understand what happens when there is non-payment of contribution.
6. If I encounter problem in updating my e-mail address via PruBSN Touch, how can I update the e-mail address? You may contact our Customer Service Centre at 03 - 2053 7188, from Monday to Friday, for assistance.
7. How long does it take to process the application? It takes 7 working days to process the application from the date of receiving the application and relevant proofs or documents. 
8. Can I apply for the Relief Program if I have outstanding contributions before the commencement of the deferment period? Eligible certificate holders with in-force certificate that remains in-force at the time of application may apply for this Relief Program.
9. Can I apply for multiple certificates in one e-mail for payment deferment?

You may list all the certificate numbers in one email when applying for the payment deferment to customer@prubsn.com.my with the e-mail subject title:


We would urge you to carefully consider the application for the payment deferment due to:

  • Payment deferment is not a waiver of contribution.
  • Once the deferment period ends, certificate contractual provisions regarding contribution payment will resume as usual.
  • All outstanding contribution must be met. Please refer to the takaful certificate to understand what happens when there is non-payment of contribution.
10. What is the minimum income level to be eligible for this Relief Program?  There is no minimum income level imposed, as long as you fulfil the eligible criteria for this Relief Program.
11. Do I need to pay back the contribution after the deferment period ends? Yes, you need to pay back the deferred contribution once the deferment period ends to avoid lapsation of your certificate.
12. How do I know my application for payment deferment is successful? You will receive an email or SMS notification from PruBSN confirming the application is approved or declined.
13. Can I get help from my PruBSN Takaful Consultant to apply on my behalf for this Relief Program? Yes, you may give consent and provide the evidence in supporting the deferment application to your PruBSN Takaful Consultant for assistance. 
14. Will my certificate lapse during the deferment period? The certificate shall remain in-force during the payment deferment period if the application is approved.
15. Will the term of my certificate be extended from this deferment measure? The term of the certificate shall remain unchanged.
16. If my certificate contribution deduction is via credit/debit card, bank autodebit or standing instruction, what should I do when my application has been approved?

Upon approval of the Relief Program:

a) PruBSN will stop the contribution deduction via credit/debit card or autodebit until end of the deferment period.

b) For certificate under bank standing instruction, you would need to notify your bank to stop the payment. 

17. Once the deferment period ends, what should I do to continue with the credit/debit card, autodebit and standing instruction?

a) For certificates registered under autodebit or credit/debit card deduction, once the deferment period ends, the deduction through credit card/debit card or autodebit resumes with one instalment contribution payment at a time.

b) For up-to-date contribution payment, you may pay via PruBSN Touch or through PruBSN Payment Gateway.

c) For bank standing instruction, you are required to notify your respective bank to resume the payment.

18. Do I have other options besides this Relief Program? You may consider other options like reducing the sum covered, supplementary (rider) benefits or cancellation of some benefits from your certificate to reduce the contribution amount. Please consult your PruBSN Takaful Consultant/Bank Representative for advice.
19. If I have already claimed for the Special COVID-19 Benefit of RM5,000 offered by PruBSN, am I still eligible to apply for this Relief Program? Yes, you are still eligible for this Relief Program if you fulfilled the criteria i.e. in-force PruBSN certificate holders who are financially affected by the COVID-19 or MCO.
20. If my certificate lapses after the deferment period ends, can the certificate be revived? Yes, you can apply for revival of your certificate by submitting the Revival Application Form as per existing process and requirement. Please contact your servicing PruBSN Takaful Consultant/Bank Representative or our Customer Service Centre for more details.
21. During the payment deferment period, if there is a need for claim submission, would PruBSN cover regardless whether the repayment is made?
Claim submission by certificate holders shall be considered subject to the usual fulfilment of claim requirements and assessment. The claim payable will be deducted by the total outstanding contribution including the amount due within the deferment period (plus any other deductible based on the terms of the certificates).
22. What happened if certificate holder passed away within the deferment period of 3 months? In the event death occurs within the deferment period, the claim payable will be deducted by the total outstanding contributions including the amount due within the deferment period (plus any other deductible based on the terms of the certificates).

Stay Safe & Informed

Free online doctor consultation on Pulse by Prudential

Through our free digital health app, Pulse by Prudential, PruBSN customers have access to free online doctor consultation whilst non-customers can also enjoy the service free upon completion of a health check available on the app.

Stay informed with credible news sources

Users of Pulse can keep updated with health tips and the latest developments on COVID-19 through links that we have made available to local and international sources of information.

Download Pulse via App Store or Play Store

COVID-19 Test Fund

The Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM), Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) and the Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) have pledged RM8 million to support the Ministry of Health's efforts to conduct more COVID-19 tests for Malaysians. Under the fund, medical insurance policyholders will now be reimbursed up to a maximum of RM300 per test (one reimbursement per individual).

Learn More

Relief for Community

During this period, the hardest hit group are from the low-income or under-served communities. PruBSN is working with NGO partners to contribute and provide aid.

PruBSN Prihatin COVID-19 fund raising and zakat distribution to B40 in partnership with MERCY Malaysia

PruBSN’s charitable arm, PruBSN Prihatin has successfully raised more than RM33,000 through PruBSN Prihatin COVID-19 Campaign to support MERCY Malaysia Pandemic Fund. The funds raised will be channeled to government hospitals and district clinics for their purchase of medical and general supplies, as well as to marginalised groups for purchase of their essential needs.

Already suffering from the low wages and high cost of living, the COVID-19 outbreak and extended MCO will further impact the livelihood of the poor and hardcore poor families in the B40 group. Together with MERCY Malaysia, PruBSN Prihatin will be allocating RM500,000 from PruBSN’s zakat fund to provide assistance to the families from this vulnerable community.

Contribution to IMARET to provide relief to health facilities and frontliners

PruBSN Prihatin has donated a portion of its zakat fund to IMAM Response & Relief Team (IMARET). This fund will be channeled towards mobilising volunteers at health facilities, providing medical and general supplies to hospitals and district clinics, as well as to assist the communities and frontliners who are currently hospitalised/quarantined.

For more assistance, kindly contact our Customer Service Centre at 03-2053 7188 or e-mail to customer@prubsn.com.my (Monday-Friday, 8.30am-5.15pm)

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