“We Are The People That Do”


"We DO” is a clarion call to the Doers inside all of us. Our “We DO” campaign celebrates the power of the human spirit and is inspired by the innovative drive and optimism in today’s generation of customers. We call it “We DO”, because we are focused on you.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to progress in life, and we are committed to being your trusted partner as you pursue your passions and navigate life's milestones. We share your pioneering spirit by driving innovation in everything we do. Every day, we serve your evolving health and protection needs, by listening, understanding and most importantly, delivering.

Further, we believe that everyone cares and should have the opportunity to participate in Takaful which is premised on the concept of taawun (co-operation and mutual assistance). Participating and understanding Takaful would allow you to attain peace of mind knowing that we and all the takaful participants DO care. Via the Islamic insurance arrangement called Takaful, we strive to provide you a seamless  platform to express and demonstrate your commitment on the basis of mutual assistance arrangement that enables Takaful benefits to be enjoyed by eligible participants upon occurrence of the pre-agreed events. Indeed, “We DO” care…


Our Brand, Our Asset


  • Our brand is one of our most important assets. It opens doors, attracts talents, differentiates us and is an assurance of trust in our ability.
  • Today, our brand means more than product excellence. It is a measure of quality across all our actions. Our brand is all that we do and everything we say.
  • Great brands are driven by a single minded thought akin to a brand promise. Ours at PruBSN is 'For All. For Life.' It drives us to develop and offer Shariah-compliant Takaful products for everyone regardless of age, race or religion.
  • It defines a long-term commitment to both building and driving the Takaful industry in Malaysia for economic and social betterment, with the ideals of empowering individual financial freedom and the growth of the Islamic Finance sector.


Company Profile

PruBSN has more than 14,000 agents serving over 750,000 customers with many impressive firsts and award wins under our belt.



A snapshot of our achievements thus far.


Our Core Values

Our company culture is driven by our T.R.U.S.T values.

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