Established in 2006 through the licence awarded by the Central Bank of Malaysia, PruBSN today is the country's leading takaful operator who provides financial security to the Malaysian population and their families.

Premised on the concept of ta'awun (co-operation and mutual assistance), PruBSN offers a wide and growing range of Family Takaful products, covering life and medical protection, savings, education and corporate, all of which are governed by the requirements of shariah law.

Today, PruBSN has over 13,000 takaful consultants who serves the evolving health and protection needs of more than 900,000 Malaysians and their families. Driving on our ‘Takaful For All. For Life’ proposition, we strive to build a strong and lasting impact to help develop Malaysia through protection of wealth and investment in capital markets, while realising our vision of being the first choice Takaful provider for our people and communities. 

Such rapid growth is a direct result of our customer-centric approach, multi- distribution channel strategy, innovative solutions and technological leadership.

Our Vision & Mission


To be the first choice Takaful provider for our people and communities.


Securing the future of Malaysian families through innovative solutions built on Islamic values.

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