PruBSN rewards top performing agents and staff with trip to Switzerland



Switzerland, 4 March 2013 – Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PruBSN) recently flew 63 of its top performing agents on a weeklong getaway to the land famous for its chocolates and watches, Switzerland. The incentive retreat is part of PruBSN's initiative to recognise the outstanding performance of its agents who participated for the ELITE Challenge last year. Also joining the retreat was PruBSN's Employee of the Year 2012 recipient, Mad Rizal bin Abu Bakar, who won the award for receiving the most number of votes from staff and favourable reviews by the panelling judges.

"This trip is our way of saying thank you to our agents and staff for their hard work and dedication in making PruBSN the leading takaful operator in the country today. They truly deserve the trip and I hope they will return with a renewed motivation to work even harder to achieve their goals this year and beyond," said Encik Azim Mithani, Chief Executive Officer of PruBSN, who was also there in Switzerland to join the staff and agents.

While many can only dream of going to Switzerland, the agents and staff had the time of their life visiting the chocolate factory, local museum as well as the famous Chillon Castle located at the shore of Geneva. The group also enjoyed their ride on the snow mobile while they embraced the endless and breathtaking Switzerland landscapes.

Encik Razlan Md. Shariff, one of PruBSN's top performing agency manager is one such committed individual who qualified for the trip.

"This is one of the best trips I have been to so far – the food, people and sceneries were spectacular. I feel empowered to achieve my targets and recruit more quality agents to join this great organisation as it continues to strengthen its position as the leading takaful operator and innovatively driving its business to change the local takaful landscape," Razlan commented.

To date, PruBSN has close to 12,000 agents serving more than 520,000 customers nationwide. PruBSN's focused strategies, coupled with its growing agency force has allowed the Company to widen its distribution, reaching out to customers of different religion, race and creed. PruBSN's performance is further driven by its strong innovative culture, which remains as key to stay ahead of the competition.

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