Latest mobile solution & smartphone application by PruBSN take takaful to new heights



Kuala Lumpur, 19 February 2014 – Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad (PruBSN) revealed its most cutting edge digital innovations thus far, focused on solutions for both its distributors as well as its customers, an automated tablet point of sales solution called PruBSN Mobility and a smartphone application called PruBSN Navigator, taking the leading takaful operator to another level of sophistication.

PruBSN Mobility is a one-stop tablet app that has been designed for PruBSN distributors and was first introduced to a selected group in December 2013. The solution is device agnostic and operates across both iOS and Android platforms.

This point of sales solution offers a whole new customer experience while providing ease and flexibility to Agents and Distributors.

The application enables them to make a complete sales submission in a simple, efficient and accurate manner. This makes it easier for agents and other intermediaries to promote the company’s products and services to a wider audience. As for the customers, they will no longer have to spend time filling in forms and at the same time will get to play their part in reducing carbon emissions through the absence of physical documents.

The application is a highly customised tool that enables distributors to offer PruBSN’s innovative takaful solutions anytime and anywhere. In addition, the comprehensive digital marketing kit embedded within the app also allows the distributors to conduct their presentation in a dynamic and professional manner, thus enabling the customers to make an informed decision as they choose the best protection that suits their needs and lifestyles. By carrying out few simple steps, agents can create an accurate quotation based on the customer details and profiles. Upon submission of these details, commencement of coverage can now be obtained as quickly as one hour.

PruBSN Mobility exemplifies how we are harnessing technology in a way that will genuinely place the customer at the heart of everything that we do and at the same time multiply the impact on our business across many aspects. Besides making our business more efficient, the automated functions will reduce our environmental impact, as we lessen our reliance on paper. This application is a powerful tool that will essentially transform and simplify the way our business is conducted, but most importantly provide the customers with the service they deserve” said PruBSN’s Chief Executive Officer, Encik Azim Mithani.

PruBSN Navigator is a smartphone application that provides information about the company’s network hospitals and its related services such as the hospitals’ contact information, specialisations and facilities available, associated doctors and their estimated room rates.

A value-added service to the public, it also uses the smartphone’s GPS function to navigate users to their chosen hospital and is equipped with a calendar reminder to notify users while keeping their daily schedule organised. The one touch function will enable users to make calls directly to the hospital, which will be useful during an emergency. PruBSN Navigator is now available for free to all and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

PruBSN Mobility and Navigator were created in response to the ever changing technology and diversified needs of our customers. Leveraging on these digital platforms will ensure that our takaful offerings remain relevant to our existing and potential customers. We also believe they will provide our distributors with a genuine competitive edge and enhance their productivity,” Encik Azim further commented.

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