Fund Price

Track daily prices across our Shariah-compliant funds range to help you plan and achieve your desired financial goals.

Fund Name Valuation Date Fund Price (RM) Change (RM)
 Takafulink Dana Ekuiti 19 Apr 2019 2.14633 0.00001
 Takafulink Dana Bon 19 Apr 2019 1.64364 -0.00120
 Takafulink Dana Urus 19 Apr 2019 2.03326 -0.00025
 Takafulink Dana Ekuiti Dinasti 18 Apr 2019 2.05150 -0.00065
 Takafulink Dana Dinamik 18 Apr 2019 0.98927 0.00279
 Takafulink Dana Aktif 18 Apr 2019 1.04953 0.00184


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