Baby Care

Protect your female needs



19 to 40 years old (female)

19 to 70 years old (male)

Expiry Age

46 years old

Protection Features

This rider gives you the following benefits in the event of:

  1. Death of foetus 20 weeks into pregnancy up to upon delivery and death of infant within 2 years of delivery.
  2. Child admitted into Intensive Care Unit (ICU) or High Dependency Unit (HDU) immediately upon birth due to premature birth (child born prior to week 36), up to 30 days from birth.
  3. Child being incubated for at least 3 consecutive days within 60 days from birth
  4. Bonus of RM200 upon the child reaches 2 years old.
BenefitsMaximum Coverage per Pregnancy
Compassionate Benefit (Foetus) RM2,000
Loss of Life (Infant) RM2,000
ICU or HDU Benefit RM300 per day
Incubation Benefit RM100 per day
Immunisation Bonus RM200
Product Name

PruBSN FirstLink

PruBSN TakafulLink


Important Notes:

  1. The above is only a brief description of our riders. For full details of the terms and conditions, please refer to your Certificate Document, servicing agent or contact our Customer Service Centre at +603 20537188 or
  2. Age refers to Age Next Birthday.
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