We acknowledge that our customers must be provided with an avenue to give us feedback or complaints.

Our Complaints Policy and Procedure is about the standards of our service. It aims to:

  • Ensure that lodging a complaint is as easy and straightforward as possible.
  • Treat all complaints seriously and confidentially.
  • Resolve any problems quickly and effectively for our customers’ and partners’ satisfaction.
  • Improve our service deliverables by taking customer complaints as our opportunity to learn and grow as we gear further ahead.

Contact us via:

Call Centre
In the first instance, we encourage customers and partners to contact our call centre at +603 2778 3888. We will put our foot forward to resolve your queries to the best of our ability.

Letter & E-mail
Alternatively, you may send your complaint in writing to:

Customer Correspondence Unit (CCU),
Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad,
Level 13, Menara Prudential
Persiaran TRX Barat
55188 Tun Razak Exchange
Kuala Lumpur
E-mail: customer@prubsn.com.my 

Complaint Acknowledgement

Once we receive your complaint, we will provide you a reference number and we will be in touch with you within three (3) working days from the date we receive your complaint. The reference number will be quoted in all correspondence related to your complaint.

In order for us to effectively deal with your complaint, please provide your complaint details and enclose any supporting documentation that may be relevant.

Responding to Your Complaint

Given that the nature of complaints may vary greatly, we endeavour to resolve your complaint within fourteen (14) working days from the date it was received. The final decision on your complaint will be conveyed to you no later than thirty (30) days from the date the complaint was first lodged. Under certain circumstances, we may require an extended period to provide you with a full resolution. In this case, we will provide you a written explanation along with advice on the expected resolution date for your complaint.


To keep your best interest at heart, you have the option to appeal to our Head of Customer Service at the address below if you are not satisfied with the outcome of our resolution:

Customer Correspondence Unit (CCU)
Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad
Level 12, Menara Prudential
Persiaran TRX Barat, Tun Razak Exchange,
55188, Kuala Lumpur

We will acknowledge receipt of your appeal in writing within three (3) working days following which our Customer Service team will send a full reply within fourteen (14) working days. If this is not a feasible time frame, we will provide a written explanation to advise when you can expect a full reply.

We will investigate your complaint inform you the result. We will also advise you on any action you can take if you are still unhappy with our response.

Ombudsman for Financial Services and Laman Informasi Nasihat & Khidmat (LINK) BNM
The Ombudsman for Financial Services and Laman Informasi Nasihat dan Khidmat (LINK) BNM are set-up to offer customer protection and help you resolve any disputes over claims between you and us. If you are not satisfied with a decision we have made, you may write to the following addresses:

Chief Executive Officer
Ombudsman for Financial Services (664393P)
(Formerly known as Financial Mediation Bureau)
14th Floor, Main Block
Menara Takaful Malaysia
No. 4, Jalan Sultan Sulaiman
50000 Kuala Lumpur 

Fax: +603 2272 1577
Website: http://www.ofs.org.my

Laman Informasi Nasihat dan Khidmat (LINK)
Bank Negara Malaysia
P.O Box 10922 
50929 Kuala Lumpur 

Tel: 1-300-88-5465 (1-300-88-LINK) | Overseas: +603 21741717
Fax: +603 21741515
E-mail: bnmtelelink@bnm.gov.my
Website: www.bnm.gov.my

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