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Provide financial security for your loved ones, beyond your lifetime. Create a lasting impact with this Shariah-compliant takaful plan that combines protection and savings.

Reasons to consider PruBSN WarisanPlus

How would your loved ones carry on, if they suddenly lose you to an unfortunate event? Would their financial security be at risk?

Leaving a financial legacy is one of the greatest and most important things you can do for your family, especially if they rely solely on you for their livelihoods. 

It’s not just about leaving them a lump sum of money — it’s about ensuring they will still have a roof over their heads, and your children can still pursue their education.   

With PruBSN WarisanPlus, you’ll get a flexible protection plan with a high coverage amount starting from RM350,000 for as low as RM100 a month (or coverage amount starting from RM250,000 for as low as RM50 a month for a child).

The plan comes with coverage for accidents, death or total permanent disability. You can enhance it further with critical illness, Hajj and Umrah and various Contributor riders.

No medical check-up is required, and you can potentially enjoy a high non-medical limit of up to RM2 million. 

PruBSN WarisanPlus can also function as a savings plan (via the Takaful Saver or Takaful Saver Kid riders), with your contributions invested in Shariah-approved, investment-linked funds that you choose.

Get peace of mind with this comprehensive and affordable takaful protection plan that provides security and assurance of your legacy for your loved ones.


Family comes first

When an unfortunate event happens, you can count on us to help your family to go through the tough times with a hassle free procedure.


Make sure your family receives the benefits

Hibah takaful prevents lengthy and complicated inheritance procedures for your family to receive the death benefits.

Product details

Coverage and Payment Terms

Contribution Term

5, 10, 20 years or throughout the certificate term

Minimum Monthly Contribution

Minimum monthly contribution of RM100 for adult and RM50 for child. The contribution is based on your selection of sum covered, contribution term and contribution frequency. Contribution rate varies according to age, gender, smoking status, occupational class, health condition, contribution term and expiry age

Eligibility Age

1 to 70 age next birthday

Note: For expiry age 70, maximum entry age is 60 age next birthday

Coverage Expiry

20 years or expiry age of 70, 80, 90 or 100

Minimum Sum Covered




Greater protection value for a longer family survival
With the high coverage of minimum RM350,000 from PruBSN WarisanPlus, it will help your family maintain the current lifestyle as well as help you to settle any debts when you pass away or suffer from Total and Permanent Disability (TPD).

Customised protection with affordable contribution
There is no one-size-fits-all coverage plan. With PruBSN WarisanPlus, you can attach any riders according to your needs until it is truly yours to own.

Unique diseases coverage
Receive compensation when you are diagnosed or hospitalised due to infectious diseases according to the categories below:

CATEGORY A: RM5,000/diagnosis/disease

  • Measles

  • Chikungunya

  • Hand Foot Mouth Disease

  • Typhoid Fever

  • Rabies

CATEGORY B: RM10,000/hospitalisation/disease

  • Zika virus

  • Ebola

  • MERS CoV

  • SARS

  • Malaria

  • Measles

  • Creutzfeldt - Jakob Disease

  • Influenza A - Avian Influenza AH7N9 & AH5N1

  • Nipah Virus Encephalitis

  • Japanese Encephalitis


Secure your loved ones' future by naming them as beneficiaries. They will
receive the death benefits without going through the prolonged inheritance

Aid for funeral expenses
Ease your family burden when they receive RM3,000 from Khairat benefits.

Investment opportunity
You can choose from 9 types of Investment-linked Funds that fit your risk
appetite to increase your cash value with potential upside returns.

Hassle free sign-up
No need to undergo medical examination to enjoy basic sum covered up
to RM2 million.

Extension of coverage until age 100
The coverage will be extended up to age 100*, subject to additional contribution required.

*The coverage will continue as long as there is sufficient cash value for the deduction of Tabarru` and other charges up to age 100 or to each benefit's maximum coverage term, whichever is earlier. Additional contribution may be required to ensure sufficient cash value until end of extended period.

Beyond the Spirit of Takaful
Allow you to help deserving hardcore poor and poor families to be protected
with basic family takaful coverage via Ihsan rider.


Maturity Benefit

The value of all units in Protection Unit Account (PUA) and Investment Unit Account (IUA), if any.

Death Benefit

The higher of:
• The current Basic Sum Covered; or
• Value of units in the Protection Unit Account (PUA) plus any remaining of units in the Investment Unit Account (IUA).

Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) Benefit

TPD Sum Covered.

Note: In the event of TPD before expiry of the term or before the age of 70, whichever is earlier. Subject to a maximum of RM8,000,000 per life.

Attachable Riders

Hajj Protection
Level Term
Contributor Parent Protect
Contributor Parent Saver
Contributor Protect
Contributor Saver
Contributor Spouse Protect
Contributor Spouse Saver
Crisis Shield
Crisis Protector
Takaful Saver
Takaful Saver Kid

Tax Exemption

For PruBSN WarisanPlus, you may claim relevant insurance tax relief subject to the terms and conditions of the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia.

Important Note
  • The above is only a brief description of our riders. For full details of the terms and conditions, please refer to your Certificate Document, servicing agent or contact our Customer Service Centre at +603 2053 7188 or

  • Age stated above refers to the Age of your next birthday.

Understanding riders

What is a rider?

A rider is a product which adds benefits to your basic takaful plan. Attaching a rider to your basic plan provides you with options such as additional coverage so you can customise the plan to suit your own needs.