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We remain committed to help you get the most out of life with various innovative offerings. Fulfill your aspirations and your protection needs from the comfort of your home.
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If you have just renewed your debit card, remember to update it to ensure you and your loved ones are continuously covered and protected by your takaful certificate.

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We care for the society

With a passion in giving back to the communities, we always strive to make a difference in the communities in Malaysia through our charitable arm
PruBSN Prihatin
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Takafulink Dana Ekuiti Income

 21 Sep 2022




Takafulink Dana Ekuiti Plus

  21 Sep 2022




Takafulink Dana Ekuiti

  22 Sep 2022



Takafulink Dana Bon

  22 Sep 2022



Takafulink Dana Urus

22 Sep 2022



Takafulink Dana Ekuiti Dinasti

21 Sep 2022



 Takafulink Dana Dinamik

21 Sep 2022



Takafulink Dana Aktif

21 Sep 2022



Takafulink Dana Ekuiti Global

21 Sep 2022



 Takafulink Dana Asia

21 Sep 2022