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Comprehensive first takaful plan that combines life and medical protection for 43 critical illnesses including cancer, income replacement and many more.





Family Survival

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Benefit Term



Product Details

Contribution Term

Up to term 5, 10, 20 or age 70 or 100.

Minimum Monthly Contribution


Eligibility Age

1 to 70 age next birthday.

Note: For expiry age 70, maximum entry age is 60 age next birthday.

Coverage Expiry

Up to term 5, 10, 20 or age 70 or 100.

Minimum Sum Covered


Maturity Benefit

Remaining balance from Individual Special Account (ISA).

Death Benefit

Higher of:

a) Basic Sum Covered; or

b) Total Amount in the Individual Special Account (ISA); plus value of units in the Investment Unit Account (IUA) if any.

TPD Benefit

Sum At Risk.

Note: The sum at risk is the amount by which the basic sum covered
exceeds your ISA balance. If there is no excess of sum covered over your
ISA balance, then the sum at risk shall be zero. TPD coverage is up to age
70 and subject to a maximum of RM4 million per person covered.

Tax Exemption

Up to RM6,000 under Life Insurance and EPF, subject to terms & conditions of Inland Revenue Board (IRB).


Set your own coverage according to your own budget from as low as RM50 per month.

Attach your preferred riders that suit your needs for a  comprehensive coverage

Offer your protection, investment and opportunity to perform good deeds simultaneously.

Rider Attachable

Accidental Protector Plus 
Parent Term
Crisis Shield
Crisis Protector
Cancer Protector
Medic Protector
Income Protector
Contributor Protect
Contributor Saver
Contributor Spouse Protect
Contributor Spouse Saver
Contributor Parent Protect
Contributor Parent Saver
Takaful Saver

Important Note

This is a brief product description only. For exact details of terms and conditions, please refer to your certificate document.

You must ensure that you are satisfied that this product will best serve your needs and that the contribution payable under the certificate is an amount that you can afford.

Medic Protector Contribution Calculator

A simple way to find out your annual contribution rate.

Choose Your Plan Details

Entry Age
Expiry Age
Coverage Option
Contribution Option
Medic Booster


Your Annual Contribution Rate

  • Your Annual Contribution Rate For The First 5 Years
    Your Annual Contribution Rate


    The Annual Contribution amount will vary every 3 years.

    Click here to view the full contribution amount over the entire certificate coverage year(s).

PruBSN may revise the contribution and Tabarru' due to unfavourable circumstances such as medical cost inflation, at any point of time by giving you 30 days written notice. The revised rates waill take effect of the next certificate anniversary and it may fall within the 3-certificate year interval.

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