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PruBSN Link Series
Total flexibility in your hands – Secure the right protection and Investment deal.
Whether you are graduating, starting a family or planning for retirement, you should have a sound financial plan to support your goal as well as to prepare for uncertainties.

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand our product better.
PruBSN FirstLink  |  PruBSN SmartLink  |  PruBSN TakafulLink
PruBSN FirstLink
Begin First with the Ideal Plan

What is PruBSN FirstLink?


PruBSN FirstLink is a regular contribution investment-linked takaful plan that provides you the freedom to modify your plan to suit your lifestyle needs at every stage of your life. This plan also celebrates your life achievements through its unique feature, AchieveFirst Bonus.

PruBSN FirstLink is suitable if you are between 19 to 25 years old. With a minimum contribution of RM100 monthly, you may choose the plan to mature when you reach 80 or 100 years old.



What does PruBSN FirstLink offers?


The following unique features are available only for you through PruBSN FirstLink.

Celebrate your life stage achievements Accomplish one of the following events and we will CELEBRATE your achievement through AchieveFirst Bonus1. You will get RM500 if you complete the event before you reach 50 years old. You can only claim this benefit once.
  • Buy your first house
  • Get married
  • When your child is born
  • Perform Hajj
  • Perform Umrah
  • Complete post graduate degree
Earn Loyalty Bonus1 Pay your contribution on a timely basis and we will give you 5% of your yearly protection contributions upon completion of the 10th certificate year and every 3 years after that.
Continuous coverage2 during difficult times This plan ensures your coverage continues for up to six months if you are unable to pay your contributions due to loss of job.

1 Subject to terms and conditions.
2 Refers to involuntary unemployment. Subject to terms and conditions.



How do I claim the AchieveFirst Bonus?


1. Ensure your contribution payment is up to date.
2. Make a certified true copy of the following documents:

Event Document required
Bought your first house Sales and Purchase Agreement
Get married Marriage Certificate
When your child is born Birth Certificate
Performed Hajj Hajj visa
Performed Umrah Umrah visa
Completed post graduate degree Post graduate certificate

3. Submit the copy at any of our branches nationwide.
4. Once verified, we will give you a cheque for your achievement.



How to further enhance your PruBSN FirstLink?


You may increase your protection coverage with the following additional benefits3 to suit your financial needs.

Get medical and health coverage
  • Our Medic Essential, is an affordable medical plan that reimburses your medical bills for hospitalisation and surgical. Choose from any of its 5 plans to suit your needs.
  • You may also add Hospital Benefit for additional hospitalisation income.
Provide income for your loved ones
  • Select our comprehensive Family Income Benefit that will support you or your family by providing monthly income in the event of critical illness, disability or loss of life.
Protect against mishaps
Grow your savings fund
  • Multiply your savings by investing with Takaful Saver in either Takafulink Dana Ekuiti or Takafulink Dana Ekuiti Dinasti. These aggressive funds complement you if you have a high tolerance for risk.

3 Attachment of additional benefits is subject to underwriting and additional contribution.



PruBSN SmartLink
Smart Plan for Your Child's Future

PruBSN TakafulLink
Link your Financial Goals for Total Financial Freedom

What is PruBSN TakafulLink?


PruBSN TakafulLink is a regular contribution investment-linked takaful plan that matures when you reach age 80 or 100. With a wide range of additional benefits available, you will have a comprehensive takaful plan that helps you manage your changing needs.

PruBSN TakafulLink is for you if you are between 26 and 70 years old.



What does PruBSN TakafulLink offers?


From as low as RM100 monthly, you will enjoy the benefits below for being our faithful customer.

Earn Loyalty Bonus4 Pay your contribution on a timely basis and we will give you 5% of your yearly protection contributions upon completion of the 10th certificate year and every 3 years after that.


Complete your protection coverage with the following additional benefits5 to suit your financial needs.

Enhance your medical and health coverage
  • Only with Takaful Health2 you will get HIGHER Room & Board benefit and be REWARDED through No Claim Bonus (NCB)4. You also have the flexibility of choosing either co-takaful or deductible options of RM3,000 or RM10,000.
  • Enhance your medical coverage with the following benefits:
    • TH Auto Upgrade - Your plan will be automatically upgraded to a higher plan on the 5th and 10th anniversary regardless of your health condition or any medical claims that you have made.
    • TH Annual Limit Waiver - This benefit is available with all Takaful Health2 plan. Attach it and you may claim up to the lifetime limit (subject to co-takaful) within a year.
    • TH Retirement - If you have chosen the deductible option for your Takaful Health2, this rider will convert it back to co-takaful when you reach age 55.
  • TH Overseas - Get overseas treatment in Singapore, Hong Kong, China or India for FIVE types of covered conditions:
    - Surgery related to cancer
    - Neurosurgery
    - Coronary artery bypass surgery
    - Heart valve surgery
    - Organ transplant surgery
Coverage for critical illness Add in Crisis Shield or Crisis Cover Plus to get coverage for 36 critical illnesses.
Protection for the ladies
  • Attach Takaful Puteri or Takaful Puteri Plus for coverage against specific female related cancers and illnesses, pregnancy complications and infant congenital illnesses.
  • If you are looking for coverage during pregnancy and after birth, get the all new Baby Care. Please refer to the PruBSN SmartLink (Pregnancy & Baby Benefit) leaflet for more information.
Grow your savings fund Grow your savings through our managed investment fund, Takafulink Dana Urus, or accelerate its growth by investing in equities through Takafulink Dana Ekuiti or Takafulink Dana Ekuiti Dinasti.
Preserve your savings fund Preserve your savings for your golden years by investing in a more secure fund, Takafulink Dana Bon.

4 Subject to terms and conditions.
5 Attachment of additional benefits are subject to underwriting and additional contribution.



What are the common benefits of PruBSN Link Series?


Death Your nominee is entitled to:
a) the basic sum covered, and
b) the value of units in the account.
Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) The sum covered is payable in the event of total and permanent disability before the age of 70 or certificate expiry, whichever is earlier.
Maturity Value of units in the account is payable upon maturity.
Surrender Value of units in the account is payable to you when you surrender your certificate.



How much do I contribute for this plan?


The minimum monthly protection contribution for PruBSN FirstLink and PruBSN TakafulLink is RM100.
Sample Contribution Table

Details Aida Faiful
Age 23 35
Plan PruBSN FirstLink PruBSN TakafulLink
Expiry Age 80 100
Health Status Non-smoker Smoker
Occupation Executive Manager
Sum Covered6 RM66,000 RM60,000
Payment frequency Monthly Monthly
Contribution amount RM100 RM100

6 This is the minimum coverage according to your Protection Contribution.



How does PruBSN Link Series work?


PruBSN Link Series is based on the Wakalah Bil Ajr model where we put your contribution into your account after deducting wakalah charge. This is a fee for the services we provide.



What are the charges involved in PruBSN Link Series?


The details of the wakalah and other charges are listed in the table below.

Charges type Details of charges
Upfront wakalah charge This charge is used to pay commission and distribution related expenses as well as management expenses. The charge as percentage7 of your protection contribution is shown below.
Certificate Year 1 2 3 4 5 and 6 7 and above
Upfront wakalah charge 60% 60% 50% 30% 20% 0%
  For Takaful Saver, the upfront wakalah charge is 5% throughout the certificate year.
Service charge There will be a service charge of RM6 a month for payments by cash or cheque while RM5 for other payment methods. This is for certificate servicing expenses.
Asset management charge We charge this annually on a daily basis from your investment account value for your investment management expenses.
Takafulink Dana Bon 0.5% p.a.
Takafulink Dana Urus 1.3% p.a.
Takafulink Dana Ekuiti 1.5% p.a.
Takafulink Dana Ekuiti Dinasti 1.5% p.a.
Top-up charge We charge 5% on every single contribution top-up. On top of that, for each top-up of less than RM5,000, there will be an additional charge of RM25.
Fund switching charge We provide four free switches every year. For any subsequent switches within the year, the switch charge is set at 1% of the amount switched (subject to maximum of RM50).
Tabarru' We deduct an amount monthly based on your age, gender, health status, occupation (if applicable), amount of coverage and the duration of the coverage. The takaful protection comes from the Tabarru' Fund.

7 This is the charge for certificates with term of 20 years or more. For certificates with term less than 20 years, it will be reduced accordingly. Please refer to the plan illustration for more detailed information.



Would I receive any surplus from this plan?


You are entitled to receive at least 50% of the distributable surplus (if any) on a yearly basis. The balance of up to 50% is shared with us as an incentive for managing the Tabarru' Fund. Your portion of the distributable surplus will be placed back into your Protection Unit Account (PUA).



Note: This is a brief product description only. For exact details of terms and conditions, please refer to your certificate document.

You must ensure that you are satisfied that this product will best serve your needs and that the contributions payable under the certificate is an amount you can afford.