It's time to update your payment card details
If you have just renewed your debit card, remember to update it to ensure you and your loved ones are continuously covered and protected by your takaful certificate. 

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Prepare for Your Retirement and Build Your Legacy

Get started on retirement before you retire and let your legacy live onto your loved ones so you can appreciate all life moments with them now.
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Preparing for a happy and enjoyable retirement

Fulfil your retirement goals
Whichever retirement goals you have, for yourself and your loved ones, you have to start before retirement
Prioritise your health
As much as we work hard to stay healthy, our health will be affected as we age. Protect your retirement savings from being lost to medical bills
Pass down your legacy
Let your hard-earned success and wealth live onto your loved ones when you can no longer be there for them.
Financial protection for your loved ones
Secure your loved ones’ future finance so they can fight through challenging times without you.
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Get started on your retirement plan

Learn how you can move one step closer towards your retirement goals with PruBSN Warisan Plus, a takaful plan that protects your loved ones beyond your lifetime so you can appreciate every moment of retirement with them.
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