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If you have just renewed your debit card, remember to update it to ensure you and your loved ones are continuously covered and protected by your takaful certificate. 

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About PruBSN

Our Brand

We believe the quality in what we do results in the quality of our service to you.

Our brand, our asset

Our brand means more than product excellence. It is a measure of quality across all our actions. Our brand is all that we do and everything we say.

Great brands are driven by a single-minded thought akin to a brand promise. Ours at PruBSN is 'Takaful For All. For Life' It drives us to develop and offer shariah-compliant takaful products for everyone regardless of age, race or religion.

It defines a long-term commitment to both building and driving the takaful industry in Malaysia for economic and social betterment, with the ideals of empowering individual financial freedom and the growth of the Islamic Finance sector.

A group of employees cheering

We are the people that do

Our “We DO” campaign celebrates the power of the human spirit and is inspired by the innovative drive and optimism in today’s generation of customers.