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Islamic Spiritual Support

Islamic Spiritual Support (collaboration with Darussyifa')


Darussyifa' is an organisation licensed under the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Act 2016 (Act 775) to provide complementary Islamic treatment services in Malaysia. In the spirit of helping people get the most out of life, PruBSN has collaborated with Darussyifa' to provide Islamic Spiritual Support as a value-added service to the eligible Covered Persons of Crisis TotalCare who is suffering from any illness/condition to get complementary Islamic treatment services.

While the Covered Person is being treated by modern treatment or medicine as per standard practice, the Covered Person may opt to get additional treatment from Darussyifa' to complement and supplement the recovery journey. This would also help to strengthen the Covered Person's mental well-being throughout the treatment.

With this value-added service, the Covered Person can make an appointment with Darussyifa' and will be attended by senior practitioners registered with the Ministry of Health ("MOH") for consultation and treatment sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is eligbile to use this Islamic Spiritual Support value-added service?

Islamic Spiritual Support value-added service is applicable for Covered Person of Crisis TotalCare who is suffering from any illness/condition who wants to seek Islamic medicine treatment from Darussyifa' to complement and supplement the modern medicine treatment.

How to set appointment with Darussyifa' for Islamic Spiritual Support value-added service?

Covered Person/Participant to select the desired branch to get the treatment from the available selected Darussyifa' treatment centres/branches. To set the appointment, you are required to contact the centre/branch via WhatsApp by providing your details as sample format below.

Dear practitioner, I am interested to get a treatment. My details are as below:
Covered Person Name:
PruBSN Customer: Yes/No
PruBSN Certificate No.:
Type of Illness/Condition:
Appointment date & time:
Treatment Centre/Branch:

What type of treatment will be provided by Darussyifa'?

Darussyifa' provides Islamic medicine treatment based on Ruqyah Syari'yyah for physical diseases, amongst others, that uses sources and supplications from Al-Quran verses that are based on hadiths that are Shariah compliant.

Is there any cost incurred for the treatment?

The consultation and treatment by the practitioner provided at Darussyifa' does not impose any fees or charges.  However, there are charges for the traditional medicines or herbs that the Covered Person may purchase from Koperasi Darussyifa' with recommendation from the practitioner, which is chargeable directly to and payable by Covered Person accordingly. You are welcomed to give donation at your goodwill through the donation box provided at all Darussyifa' treatment centres/branches.

Are the treatment necessities purchased at Koperasi Darussyifa' claimable?

For Covered Person of Crisis TotalCare, you may claim on Traditional and Complementary Medicine under the Complementary Treatment Benefit upon diagnosis of any one of the covered early critical illness up to the benefit limit for Complementary Treatment Benefit, according to the terms and conditions of Crisis TotalCare rider. The Covered Person is required to submit the original receipt from Koperasi Darussyifa' to PruBSN for eligible reimbursement.

Where can you get further information on Darussyifa'?

You may visit their website on

Where can I find the nearest supported Darussyifa' treatment centre/branch around me?

You may enjoy this value-added service at the selected Darussyifa' treatment centre/branch as listed below.

Download here for full listing of Darussyifa' Treatment Centre/Branch

Important Note

Please be informed that the list of Darussyifa' treatment centre/branch stated herein is not exhaustive. PruBSN reserves the right to update the list at any point of time without prior notification.