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About PruBSN

Our Achievements

Recognition of our service to the community.

More awards

  • Winner of Best Takaful Product (PruBSN Anggun) – International Finance Award              
  • Awarded Insurance Inclusive Initiative of the Year Award (BSN Takaful Sakinah) - Insurance Asia Awards
  • Awarded Takaful CEO of the Year Award  (Wan Saifulrizal Wan Ismail) -  Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA)
  • Winner of Employee Engagement of the Year Award (Financial Service Category) - Malaysia Management Excellence Awards 2022       
  • Awarded Takaful Operator Brand of The Year - Brand Laureate Award
  • Listed as LinkedIn 2022 Top 15 Companies
  • Awarded Best Takaful Operator for Agency Family Takaful Business Award, Quality Business Award, Best Bancatakaful Partnership and 16 awards under agents categories - Malaysian Takaful Association Award
  • Awarded Excellence Award 2021 for Takaful Category - Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA)            

  • PruBSN Aman was awarded the Fintech - Life Insurance Award - Malaysia Technology Excellence Awards 

  • Listed as LinkedIn 2021 Top 15 Companies

  • Awarded Best Takaful Operator for Agency Family Takaful Business  for Malaysian Takaful Association Award

  • Winner for Office Design Category - Interior Design Awards                    

  • Awarded Most Innovative and Sustainable Office Design 2020 for Asia Recruitment Awards

  • Awarded Best Takaful Operator for Agency Family Takaful Business  for Malaysian Takaful Association Award

  • Winner of Best Family Takaful Operator and CSR Company of The Year - Asia Halal Brand Awards (AHBA)

  • Awarded Best Brand Loyalty Campaign (Silver) and Best Innovative Idea or Concept (Black) - Dragons of Malaysia

  • Awarded Best Family Takaful and Upcoming Personality Risk Management - Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA)

  • Awarded Best Takaful Operator for Agency Family Takaful Business and Best Upcoming Personality Risk Management - Malaysian Takaful Association Awards      

  • Awarded Excellence in Takaful Insurance Servicesat Malaysia Excellence Business Awards 2018.

  • Bronze Winner for Financial Services category for PruBSN Warisan at Effie Award 2018.

  • Gold Winner for Best Small Budget Campaign - Medical Awareness #TipsPruBSN at Dragons of Malaysia 2018.

  • Awarded Best Takaful Company - Asia at International Takaful Awards 2018.

  • Awarded Best Islamic Takaful Institution - Life, Insurance Company of the Year, Editors' Triple Star for PruBSN Mobility by The Asset Triple A in Hong Kong.

  • PruBSN Anugerah campaign won a Silver Award for Best Idea - Integrated Media at MARKies Malaysia 2018.

  • Awarded Best Takaful Operator for Agency Family Takaful Business, Best CSR, Young Takaful Manager, and numerous awards for agents, agency and bancatakaful categories by the Malaysian Takaful Association.

  • Awarded Best Family Takafulat Islamic Business & Finance Awards Southeast Asia 2017 

  • Awarded Best Companies to Work for in Asiaby HR Asia for the second time since 2015.

  • PruBSNWarisan plan was conferred the Innovation Award by the Malaysian Takaful Association.

  • Conferred 14 awards including Best Takaful Operator for Agency Family Takaful Business, Best CSR, Best Innovationand Young Takaful Manager by the Malaysian Takaful Association.

  • Awarded Most Outstanding Takaful Companyat the 13th Kuala Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum.

  • Introduced the award-winning PruBSNWarisan 

  • Introduced customer portal, PruBSNTouch.

  • Launched Takaful Entrepeneur Developmentprogramme to attract young professionals to become agent.

  • Introduced the refreshed PruBSN

  • Renewed company's Vision & Mission.

  • Contributed a substantial amount of zakat & charity funds for the communities we support.

  • Launched HealthEnrich+

  • Conferred 24 awards including Best Takaful Operator for Agency Family Takaful Business and Young Takaful Managerby the Malaysian Takaful Association.

  • Established new corporate office in Menara Worldwide.

  • Established a new national record for the Longest Coastal Cleaningawarded by the Malaysia Book of Records.

  • Launched PruBSNPlatinum

  • Launched a non-profit community investment arm, PruBSNPrihatin.

  • Launched Giro Takaful Premier

  • Built 14 homes for flood victims in Dabong under Prudence Foundation's Kelantan Rebuilding Mission 

  • Awarded Best Takaful Institutionfor the second time by The Asset (Hong Kong).

  • Awarded Best Takaful Operator in Asiafor the second time by CPI Financial (Dubai).

  • Awarded Best Takaful Institutionby The Asset (Hong Kong).

  • Awarded Best Takaful Operator Agency Family Takaful Businessby the Malaysian Takaful Association.

  • Launch of PruBSNUmmahLink plan & PruSBN Insan smartphone application.

  • Launched PruBSNMobility for Bank Simpanan Nasional's Takaful Specialists.

  • Launched industry's first PruBSNNavigator application that provides convenience to navigate and obtain information on our panel hospital, clinics and doctors.

  • Launched industry's first tablet point-of-sales solution, PruBSNMobility.

  • Awarded the Most Outstanding Takaful Companyat the Kuala Lumpur Islamic Finance Forum.

  • Awarded Best Takaful Providerby International Finance magazine (UK).

  • PruBSNLeadership Development Programme conferred the Award of Excellence in Training by Employer Branding Institute (India).

  • PruBSNCEO, Mr. Azim Mithani awarded the Takaful CEO of the Year by The Asset (Hong Kong).

  • Launch of HealthEnrichfor bancatakaful partner, Standard Chartered Saadiq.

  • Launch of HealthEnrich

  • Launch of PruBSN Kota Kinabalu branch.

  • Awarded the Best Takaful Operator in Asiaby CPI Financial (Dubai).

  • Awarded the Best Newcomer Contact Centreby Contact Centre Association of Malaysia.

  • Appointed Malaysian racer, Nabil Jeffri, as PruBSN Brand Ambassador.

  • Launched Takaful Health2

  • Launched the first plan to offer pre-birth coverage, PruBSNSmartLink.

  • Launched PruBSN Melaka branch.

  • Launched PruBSN Ipoh branch.

  • Inked MoU with Standard Chartered Saadiq Malaysia.

  • Launched PruBSNLink Series

  • Awarded the Rising Star Takaful Insitutionby The Asset (Hong Kong).

  • Launched flagship CSR programme, A-Book, A-Child, A-Week.

  • Awarded takaful panelship for Bahagian Pinjaman Perumahan Perbendaharaan Malaysia.

  • Launched PruBSN Kota Bharu branch.

  • Launched PruBSN Sungai Petani branch.

  • Launched the first plan in the industry that specifically caters Muslim needs, PruBSN

  • Launched PruBSNCrisisCover

  • Launched the first protection plans in the industry with increasing coverage, PruBSNProtect & PruBSN 

  • Inked MoU with bancatakaful partner, Affin Islamic Bank.

  • The first takaful operator to provide No Claim Bonuson a medical plan.

  • Launched Takaful Health

  • Launched PruBSN Shah Alam &  PruBSN Johor Bahru business centres.