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If you have just renewed your debit card, remember to update it to ensure you and your loved ones are continuously covered and protected by your takaful certificate. 

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EPF i-Lindung
Sign up for takaful protection plans to protect you and your family today!
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EPF i-Lindung

Say hello to affordable takaful plans accessible via
EPF i-Lindung

Now you can get yourself and your family protected with our Term or Critical Illness takaful plans using funds from your EPF Account.

It’s simple. Just log on to your EPF i-Akaun, go to i-Lindung, choose the right takaful protection plan for you and your family, and proceed to payment. For more information on the takaful protection plans and how to sign up, refer to the details below.

Terms and conditions apply.

Here are the plans that you can select from

How to sign up

Step 1:
Log in to EPF i-Akaun Apps
Download the KWSP i-Akaun app by scanning the QR code above and log in or register yourself if you don't have one. Refer to the registration guide here.
Step 2:
Select ‘i-Lindung’
Click on ‘i-Lindung’ section on top of the screen and fill in your details.
Step 3:
Choose your takaful plan
Select your preferred takaful protection plan and provide the necessary information.
Step 4:
Make contribution payment
Proceed with contribution payment which will be deducted from your EPF Account. It’s that easy!