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Infant Secure

Infant Secure

Protect your child right from the start with this Shariah-compliant takaful rider which provides pregnancy care and infant care benefits.

Product details

Features and Coverage

Protection Features

This rider provides benefits to your child for both neonatal and post-natal stage as well as  benefits to the mother due to pregnancy complications.

Eligibility Age

19 to 45 years old

Expiry Age

5 years old

Important Notes
  •  The above is only a brief description of our riders. For full details of the terms and conditions, please refer to your Certificate Document, servicing agent or contact our Customer Service Centre at +603 20537188 or

  • Age stated above refers to the Age of your next birthday.

Understanding riders

What is a rider?

A rider is a product which adds benefits to your basic takaful plan. Attaching a rider to your basic plan provides you with options such as addtional coverage so you can customise your plan to suit your needs.